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is the cornerstone of PSE’s diversification strategy in partnership with our existing client base and our key suppliers.

Energy Storage Solutions’ [ESS]

Solar PV Systems

EV Charging Infrastructure

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Energy Storage

In partnership with our suppliers – Socomec and Riello – PSE are rolling out Energy Storage Solution applications tailored to:

    • Industrial Buildings
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Renewable Energy Integration
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
    • Microgrids – Isolated
    • Microgrids – Resilient
    • Mobile Energy Solutions


Leveraging its strong historical expertise in both AC & DC Power Monitoring, Power Switching and Power Conversion, Socomec has invested over the past decade in Energy Storage applications, participating in many experimentations with major utilities, battery manufacturers, energy management software editors and pioneering ESS system integrators.


The Riello UPS lithium battery proposal incorporates several solutions spanning a large number of application requirements that meet the most pressing market demands. This is achieved through a series of products that are characterised by discharging duration time, number of battery cycles and charging / discharging current rate.