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PSE Power have over 30 years’ expertise in designing, installing and maintaining standby power generation solutions that meet individual clients’ specifications, timescales and budget, including complete synchronising controls and G10 protection systems.

In the majority of cases, power outages don’t last for a prolonged period of time, but they are frequent. Nine out of ten of businesses will suffer from a disruption at some point, and this can have a significant impact on a company’s output.

When your mains electrical supply fails it is the standby generator that picks up the full electrical load for your building, site, or plant to avert disaster and ensure business as usual.

Loss of Mains Power and the Impact on YOUR Business:

  • Cost to Replace Lost Data (data recovery is not only a time consuming process, but also an expensive one, and isn’t always guaranteed)
  • Lost Revenue
  • Lost Production
  • Lost Efficiency
  • Brand Damage
  • Penalties Due to Contractual Obligations
  • Unhappy Customers

Our Generator
Power Solutions

AJ Power is PSE Power’s chosen generator partner.  AJ Power’s manufacturing processes embrace stringent quality checks throughout all stages of the production process to deliver reliable, fuel efficient, quality generator sets from 10 kVA to 3350 kVA.

For over 3 decades PSE Power has built an enviable reputation as a leading supplier of temporary power generators & loadbank testing. We provide tailored strategic power management solutions to our clients to meet their diverse needs.


Business Continuity

Assure business continuity, avert disaster and eliminate expensive disruption.

Health & Safety

Maintain a safe and protected work environment – maintain lighting, air conditioning, security systems.


Protect your equipment, plant, production work-in-progress and inventory from damage.

Disaster Recovery

Increased resilience and total peace of mind in an increasingly demanding business environment.

ICT Equipment Protection

Ensure critical systems availability in today’s 24|7 on-demand ‘connected world.'


A PSE Power Stand-by Generator installed at your business will automatically activate seconds after power failure and shut itself off once the utility source is restored

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