To meet your requirements for three-phase high quality energy from 80 to 200 kVA (up to 1200 kVA with parallel connection).

The solution for

• Industry
• Processes
• Infrastructure
• Healthcare
• Service sector
• Telecommunications


High quality power supply

• Permanent operation in VFI mode (online double conversion).
• Output voltage precision under all load conditions.
• High overload capacity to withstand abnormal load conditions.
• A very high short-circuit current capacity which facilitates the selection of protective devices for selectivity in the downstream distribution.
• An isolation transformer installed on the inverter output to ensure complete galvanic isolation between DC circuit and load output. This insulation also provides a separation between the two inputs when they are supplied by different sources.
• Sinusoidal ThdU output voltage < 2 % with linear loads and < 4 % with non-linear loads.


Resilient transformer-based power protection