Specially engineered to power and protect typical industrial equipment such as motors, motor speed drivers, lamps, non linear loads, welding equipment and power supplies.

MASTERYS IP+ is also perfectly able to supply control equipment like programmable controllers, sensors and measurement apparatus and integrates perfectly into the most demanding industrial environments

The solution for

• Industrial processes
• Services
• Medical


Designed for the most demanding applications

• Designed to protect industrial processes.
• A compact solution with isolation transformer and integrated batteries.
• Robust enclosure (2 mm thick heavy steel structure).
• Floor anchoring (to prevent tilting).
• Standard IP31 protection degree.
• Dust and water splash resistant enclosure (IP52) with easy replaceable dust filters (option).
• Operation at temperature up to 50 °C.
• Wide input voltage tolerance from -40% up to +20% of nominal voltage
• Double EMC immunity compared to UPS international standard IEC 62040-2.
• Double overvoltage protection.


Robust, highly reliable protection for harsh environments