Providing ultra high energy efficiency at full rated power, Green Power 2.0 is the ultimate solution for data centre.

Thanks to the innovative 3-level technology, Green Power 2.0 provides 96% efficiency in online double conversion mode (VFI), the only technology able to provide maximum availability and total protection. 99% efficiency mode is available as option.

Power factor 1 means maximum power available with the same size of UPS (kW=kVA).

The solution for

• Data centres
• Telecommunications
• Healthcare sector
• Service sector
• Infrastructure
• Industrial applications


Energy Saving: high efficiency without compromise

• Offers the highest efficiency in the market using VFI – Double Conversion Mode, the only UPS working-mode that assures total load protection against all mains quality problems.
• Ultra high efficiency output independently tested and verified by an international certification organization in a wide range of load and voltage operating condition.
• Ultra high efficiency in VFI mode is provided by an innovative topology (3-Level technology) that has been developed for all the Green Power UPS ranges.


Three/three phase UPS - 160 to 1000 kVA/kW