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Assuring power continuity since 1985 on the island of Ireland

For nearly 4 decades PSE has built an enviable reputation as a leading supplier of power protection and energy management solutions. By combining our comprehensive product range – Energy Storage, UPS systems, Standby Generators, CHP systems – and broad range of services with technical expertise and superior delivery, we provide solutions to meet each client’s specific requirements.

PSE has an outstanding reputation for excellence through its unrivalled pre and post-sales support, including initial site surveys, system design, installation & commissioning, preventative maintenance, training, remote monitoring and technical support.

Our People, Your Power Assured

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PSE Sustainability Roadmap

Our Roadmap details the priority actions we are committing to implement to ensure we meet the target of ‘net-zero’ emissions by 2026 in our pledge to reduce carbon pollution and address climate change.

  • zero waste to landfill by 1 January 2023
  • all company cars are fully electric since May 2022
    all service and maintenance vehicles will be fully electric by 1 January 2026 as part of the commitment to an all-electric, zero-emissions future
  • full premises retrofit to ensure the company achieves grid neutral energy consumption
  • provide grid neutral EV charging infrastructure for staff and visitors, at our premises in Newcastle West and Dublin, by combining Solar PV and Energy Storage Solutions

“We understand the importance of all-time uptime. As well as ensuring the integrity and reliability of clients’ business systems, we also recognise the need to help them reduce costs and improve carbon footprint.

Our solutions deliver the combined benefits of highest availability, lowest carbon footprint and lowest total cost of ownership.”

Padraig Smith


Energy Storage Solutions

Designing, building, commissioning and maintaining is the cornerstone of PSE’s diversification strategy in partnership with our existing client base and our key suppliers.

In partnership with our suppliers – AEG Power Solutions, Riello and Socomec – PSE are rolling out Energy Storage Solution applications tailored to:

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Infrastructure
  • Microgrids – Isolated
  • Microgrids – Resilient
  • Mobile Energy Solutions

Thanks to its proven technologies, which are used throughout the power grid, PRAMAC is ideally positioned to deliver solutions which can connect the energy storage system to any grid for many applications, or support full off-grid power generation.

The Riello UPS lithium battery proposal incorporates several solutions spanning a large number of application requirements that meet the most pressing market demands. This is achieved through a series of products that are characterised by discharging duration time, number of battery cycles and charging / discharging current rate.
Leveraging its strong historical expertise in both AC and DC Power Monitoring, Power Switching and Power Conversion, Socomec has invested over the past decade in Energy Storage applications, participating in many experimentations with major utilities, battery manufacturers, energy management software editors and pioneering ESS system integrators.


PSE has an award-winning range of compact, complete and innovative power protection solutions

We provide a complete range – from 400 VA through to 800 kVA – of the highest quality, class- leading three-phase and single-phase uninterruptible power supplies, developed to offer the highest levels of efficiency, availability, scalability and flexibility. Electrical power distribution is subject to mains distortion of varying periods and intensity. Today’s power protection solutions need to provide protection from a wide variety of power quality problems, not just blackouts. Many critical loads will only function correctly if supplied with a high quality power supply. Power quality problems can seriously reduce the working life of your equipment, systems and technology.


PSE has nearly 4 decades expertise in designing, installing and maintaining standby power generation solutions that meet individual clients’ specifications, timescales and budget, including complete synchronising controls and G10 protection systems.

AJ Power is PSE’s chosen generator partner. AJ Power’s manufacturing processes embrace stringent quality checks throughout all stages of the production process to deliver reliable, fuel-efficient, quality generator sets from 10 kVA to 3350 kVA.

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Advantages that a Generator Offers

Business Continuity

Assure business continuity, avert disaster and eliminate expensive disruption

Health & Safety

Maintain a safe and protected work environment – maintain lighting, air conditioning, security systems


Protect your equipment, plant, production work-in-progress and inventory from damage

Disaster Recovery

Increase resilience and total peace of mind in an increasingly demanding business environment

ICT Equipment Protection

Ensure critical systems availability in today’s 24|7 on-demand ‘connected world’


A PSE Standby Generator installed at your business will automatically activate seconds after power failure and shut itself off once the utility source is restored


It is critical you choose a CHP Partner who can deliver a complete solution – from initial feasibility analysis, design and planning through to installation, commissioning, and life-long service and maintenance. PSE has extensive experience with CHP systems across all sectors.

What is CHP?
Who can benefit from CHP?
What are the Direct Benefits?

What is CHP?

Combined Heat and Power or CHP, is the simultaneous production of both heat and electricity – from one fuel source, generally natural gas. A CHP system recovers the heat normally lost in electricity generation for use in heating, dehumidification and other processes, even including cooling.

In other words, it utilises the heat produced in electricity generation rather than releasing it wastefully into the atmosphere. CHP delivers remarkable efficiency, significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

As a form of energy, electricity is more expensive to generate than heat. In a typical CHP installation, the emphasis is on producing electricity at a lower cost to displace some or all of the more expensive power that would otherwise be bought from the electricity grid.

At the same time, the heat produced from the plant is used to replace heat provided from a conventional boiler.

CHP systems can provide energy savings of 20% - 25%, and in some cases up to 35%.

Who can benefit from CHP?

  • Hotels / leisure centres
  • Hospitals & nursing homes
  • Sports & recreational centres, swimming pools
  • Universities, Colleges & Institutes of Technology
  • Greenhouses
  • Food processing plants
  • Industrial / pharmaceutical / manufacturing plants
  • Government facilities

What are the Direct Benefits?

  • Immediate significant energy savings
  • Eliminate risk associated with rising electricity prices
  • High overall efficiency
  • Environmentally beneficial with low emission power generation and high performance


PSE’s response time is unrivalled.

We have the capability to immediately react when an issue arises, no matter what day or time it is.

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Based in Dublin, Limerick and Cork with nationwide service.

Reliable Operation

Ensure life-long and reliable operation of the power protection and energy management solutions we provide.

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Ireland’s premier supplier of standby generators, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and combined heat & power systems (CHP).

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Dedicated and extensive network of experienced and highly skilled service engineers.